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We are a story first
production company

Telling stories is something that connects us all together, weather it's a simple comedy or the heroes journey, stories are how brands connect with audiences.  We love pushing the boundaries of cinema and what's possible on a technical level. Our team of creative professionals are driven, positive people that love to make art and have a great time telling impactful stories. This isn't just a job for us, It's our passion.

Brenton Ekstrand
Technical Director/ Camera Nerd / kambusha drinker
Elliott DeNeve
Editor/Designer/ Post Production Wizard/ La-Croix drinker
bethnay ekstrand film
Bethany Ekstrand
Creative Director/ Photographer/Lead Coffee drinker

Meet the Team

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Roseville, CA


Engaging branded content is what drives sales for most buisenes's. Connecting with audiences and their demographics is something we can help you with.

What We Do


Creative storytelling is what touched peoples hearts, its one of the oldest art forms in all of time, and we put it on the big screen


The art of composition and controling lighting can bring joy to anyone, weather it's the smooth color gradations or the textures of a grainy negative, photography is something we have mastered.

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